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Review – Gozu – Locust Season

Gozu - Locust SeasonI’ll be quite honest. I had never heard of Gozu until a few months ago. I never stumbled across them through Myspace. When I had read on Small Stone’s website that they had an album due out this year I took some notice. I still didn’t seek them out on Myspace after that and if I did, I don’t remember doing so. Call it a stupid move on my part. My first taste of the album was back in May when Small Stone posted the track “Meth Cowboy” for a listen on the Small Stone Facebook page. Scott Hamilton had made a comment that the album was going to be a game changer. I was skeptical, until I gave it a listen. Scott was right, it is a game changer.

My first listen, actually my first three listens I consider half assed listening. All the family distractions kept me from concentrating on the album so I couldn’t give it a good fair review. Turns out, I could probably do so with the little bit that I heard. I was impressed with what I was able to hear. Now that I’ve had a chance to really listen to it I’m even more blown away.

Let’s see what elements make for a great album. There are a lot of different ones but good song writing, catchy riffs and punchy lyrics would be a few. Ironicaly those same elements I would use to describe Locust Season. It all starts with the lead song “Meth Cowboy.” it catches you with the guitars riffs, the backing vocals and the kick ass tone of the song. In the 24 hours since I first listened to the song, I still have the melody stuck in my head. It doesn’t stop there though.

The album continues for the next few tracks on the same pace. When it gets to “Jamaican Luau” the tempo changes a bit with how the album started. It doesn’t stop rocking though. “Meat Charger” starts off sounding a bit like “Back in Black” by AC/DC but quickly shifts gear and instantly starts to kick your ass. This song is probably my second favorite one on the album. The closing song “Alone” is a bit slower paced but still heavy. It’s the longest song on the whole album and that doesn’t include the little hidden song at the end which I’ll keep a secret in case you don’t know already what it is.

This album is definately up in my top 10 for album of the year so far. This album is a must own for anyone who likes good hard rock, memorable lyrics and riffs. This album is a must listen for anyone who wants to turn their radio listening only friends onto something that is cool. It’s worthy of multiple listens and even after the initial cool factor has long worn off. This is an album that I’ll see myself going back to time and time again and I’m sure after your first listen you’ll agree.

Locust Season can be purchased directly from Small Stone Records web shop. Get yours today.

Gozu Links: Myspace / Facebook / Small Stone

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