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Stone Axe Update

Tony Reed sent out a newsletter and updated the Stone Axe website with some real juicy stuff.

Hello everybody. I have been waiting for a few things to show up before I sent out the updates. I want to thank all of you for your support and dedication to this band. It means a lot to us.
-First of all, the the STONE AXE II Lp has arrived and it looks and sounds great. There are a few editions that will be available for sale starting today.
Clear Vinyl w/18×24 poster & one sided 7″(non-cd track) 100 copies
Black Vinyl w/poster———————————–150 copies
Black Vinyl——————————————–230 copies
AVAILABLE SOON “Die Hard” edition.
Clear/Black Splatter Vinyl w/18×24 poster,one sided 7″(non-cd track) & a 12″ test pressing 20 COPIES.($50)
click here to check out the record and order it.
Here is the link to buy our CDs. Feel free to support our touring habit.
Speaking of touring. We are going on the road with doom legends Saint Vitus in only a weeks time. Here are the dates.
6/25 – EL CORAZON – Seattle
6/26 – SATYRICON – Portland
6/27 – DNA LOUNGE – San Francisco
6/28 – ORIGAMI VINYL – Los Angeles (no vitus)In-Store performance 7pm – free
6/29 – VIPER ROOM – Los Angeles
6/30 – THE CASBAH – San Diego
7/02 – Reno(no vitus)
7/03 – THE ALIBI – Arcata(no vitus)

When we get back from the tour we are locking ourselves in the studio to work on some new material. All i can say is that i have been listening to too much Neil Young and Leon Russell. That mixed with all of my K-Tel Records i have put on cd for our road trips is going to make for some interesting new tunes.

Two albums, an EP and handf ull of 7″‘s, there’s no stopping these recording machines.

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