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Review – Sahara Surfers – Spacetrip On A Paper Plane

Anyone who likes desert rock to the tune of Kyuss or otherwise will like the next submission to The Soda Shop. The band is Sahara Surfers. They are a four piece from Austria and they play a heavily influenced Kyuss style of desert rock. The name of the album is called Spacetrip On A Paper Plane.

The lead track is called “Colour Jam” and starts off kind slow and mellow, reminiscent of “Unsandpiper” by Kyuss. The song is a wonderful 6 minute jam filled with heaviness and lots of fuzz and some pretty fine vocals. “Propeller” speeds things up a bit and transitions nicely from the previous track. The third track, “Age,” is an up and down on the tempo but mellow at the same time song. “8.12” continues the trend. The album closes out with a nice mellow tune with “Gas” which happens to be the longest track and we’re even treated to a short hidden track at the end.

Sahara Surfers list their influences as Kyuss, Colour Haze, Truckfighters and Dozer as a few of their influences and it shows in their sound. They have a very desert rock sound that’s up and down in tempo and mellow at the same time. Listening to this album was a pleasurable 33 minutes and I’ve listened to it a few times around already. Check out a few samples on the band’s Myspace and see for yourself.

Sahara Surfers links Myspace / Facebook

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2 responses

  1. Yep a very cool band indeed! Found this bad boy on the swamp a couple of days a go and it’s excellent! Free too…

    July 25, 2010 at 8:38 am

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