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Review – Kingsnake – Book of Promise

Here’s a little proof that piracy helps drive sales. A few weeks back I was visiting the ever popular Sludge Swamp blog and came across this band called Kingsnake. The Swamp is a great place to discover new bands and it’s a tool I’ve been using for a few years now. Anyways instead of downloading the album I clicked on the link to go to the band’s Myspace page. What I heard there was enough to warrant another purchase.

Imagine for a second if you will a hypothetical situation. It’s 2004. Neil Fallon decides to leave Clutch to peruse his own thing. J.P., Dan and Tim don’t want to disband so instead they replace Neil. They recruit one Stevie Ray Vaughn who was still belting out awesome albums (remember, hypothetical). They then proceed to record Blast Tyrant. The end result is what you hear in Book of Promise by Kingsnake.

Upon first listen I couldn’t help but notice the similarities to Blast Tyrant. Then with the first words of “Madame Greed” I thought I was hearing Stevie Ray Vaughn from the grave. The vocalist has a very similar voice to the late great SRV.

Book of Promise is a full 40 minutes of jam packed and rocking songs. “Madame Greed” gets it started and it doesn’t end there.”Feel Like Dying” starts off almost like a delta blues song but quickly turns it up a few notches. The song reminds me a bit of “Cypress Groove.” The song “Book of Promise” is a lot mellower and slower tempo with a somewhat faster guitar solo to close the song. “Light Bender” is a cool instrumental song. “Dying Working Man” is a funky upbeat song with some catchy lyrics and my favorite song on the album.

The Clutch comparisons will always be there. The band did open up for The Bakerton Group before. J.P. Gastor (Clutch drmmer) did record a Live Session for Kingsnake a few years back and they even thank J.P. in the linear notes on the album. Even though the sound is similar to Clutch these guys are all them and not Clutch. This is a good solid album that I can see standing the test of time and eventually becoming a classic must have album.

You can get the album directly from the band by visiting their Myspace page.

Kingsnake links Myspace / Facebook

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