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Review – Heavy Glow – The Filth & The Fury EP

As you may have already figured out, Bill and I have a very healthy appreciation for the classics and modern bands that evoke the feel of the classics and add something to it. Many bands try, but few succeed at making it memorable. The San Diego trio, Heavy Glow, are just one such band. The first time I heard The Filth & The Fury, it had me hooked and coming back for more.

In this latest EP, Heavy Glow knows what they are doing, and it shows. Their sound takes the best of classic blues and psychedelic rock and mixes it with fuzz rock to create a sound that resonates through everything around you. Add soulful vocals to the mix, and you have a sound that removes you from reality and doesn’t let you back in until the EP ends, if you ever take it off repeat, that is. While they may be long since gone, the sounds Jimi Hendrix and Cream live on through this trio.

Every song on this 5-track EP is unique in its own right, and there is no sign of a weak track anywhere. However, “Love Ghost” stands above the rest for me as a track that takes you down a down tempo, fuzzed out, blues-driven trip with an inspired, extended solo. I imagine it’s what sex at a Hendrix concert would be like.

Just so that we are clear: there is no debate, this is a must have for 2010.

Now that you’ve put up with my rambling about this band, you can reward yourself by purchasing this EP from iTunes, Amazon, or Rhapsody for $4.95. You’ll thank yourself for it.

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