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Mini EP Review – Grand Massive, Jex Thorh, Ride The Sun, Sea of Air, Whooping Crane

We don’t cover nearly as much doom on The Soda Shop as we should. For that we are sorry. To make it p to you as much as possible, the first EP reviewed today will be the great Jex Thoth. Their latest 3 track EP is heavy, doomy, haunting and mesmerizing all at the same time. The vocals are dreamy and melting and dare I say, beautiful. The organ sets the atmosphere and the 3 songs flow almost seamlessly from one to the next. You may want to hit the repeat button right away, it’s short, 16 minutes but the songs are so good you’ll be wanting more.

Jex Thoth Links ATIH / Myspace / Official / Facebook

Grand Massive is a 5 piece from Germany. They play a cool mix of metal, southern and hard rock. The guitars are heavy, the riffs are huge and the vocals are loud. Not in your face screaming hardcore loud, they fit the music well and are the right balance. Whether your listening to the opening track, My Parade,” the loud and heavy “Monster,” the rocking “In Me” or the much mellower “Lugen,” you’re getting what is probably Germany’s best kept secret.

Grand Massive Links Myspace / Facebook

A lot of people would argue that the 1970’s was the best time for hard rock music. Normally I’d agree but right now I’ve have to say that now is the best time from music. Why? Well today’s bands take those influences from the 70’s, mix it with what they have now. Call it modernization, call it progress. I call it Ride The Sun. This 5 track EP gets ass kicking with the first track, “Ride” (which is also on the Cowbell & Cobwebs compilation) and doesn’t stop until the last second of the last track, “Goin’ Down.” It’s a hard, heavy and fast EP. You’ll definitely want to crank up the volume on this one. The EP is currently only available digitally through Reverbnation or iTunes.

Ride the Sun Links Myspace / Facebook / Reverbnation / iTunes

Some of the best music from L.A. is all right here. Sea of Air is a 5 piece that plays classic and hard rock. There are hints of Cream, a little Led Zeppelin and a whole lot of Jimi Hendrix. It’s a bit psychedelic, a little funky and all kick ass. I discovered them when I listened to their track “Holy Roller” as the opposite of a 7″ split with Night Horse. “Holy Roller” is an epic 7 minute track that can be served as just a sample of what the band has to offer. It’s got everything, guitars, drums, bass, organ, phaser effects and lots of fuzz. Call it a free sample to the rest of the EP. Anyone that likes Heavy Glow, Dirty Sweet and Night Horse would love this EP. The EP is available in limited quantities (mine was labeled 26 out of 100) so if you like what you hear, get it quickly.
Sea of Air links Myspace / Big Cartel / Facebook / Official
The last and personally one of my favorites the past year and a half since I’ve owned the EP is Whooping Crane’s self titled EP. Imagine Jimi Henrix was still alive making music today. Mix in a little Joe Walsh (thanks Woody!), James Brown, a bit of Black Sabbath and some acid blues and you get some of the finest music on any side of any ocean, lake or river you want to name. The EP is fast, psychedelic, groovy and the mix is perfect. the backing vocals compliment the music on “She’s a Knockout” and “One Hit Sally.” The guitar is top notch and mesmerizing on tracks “Voomp!”, “Tomm Tapp” and the closing track, “Straight Dope,” This awesome 6 track EP is available through one of the band members Ebay account or at one of their shows.
Whooping Crane links Myspace / Facebook / Ebay

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