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Bandcamp Recommendations 09/23/2010

Well it’s Thursday again. Things have been hectic around here today so forgive me for lack of information. As always the albums presented are available for free download. Either plain ol free or name your price. Whenever possible, please give some currency to the artists so that they can continue to record and bring you more music.

First up is Hot Fog and this is their 2 track 7″ Wyvern and Children First. It’s a fast paced heavy metal single with some 80’s british metal.

Banjo Goiter play psychedelic desert rock. It’s got a cool and groovy vibe to it. This is their EP which seems to be a work in progress but still sounds great.

Heliotropes are a female psychedelic space rock band from Brooklyn, NY. Very cool, heavy, fuzzy and of course, spacey. Fans of Colour Haze would get a kick out of these gals. This band will be featured as a New Band To Burn One To.

Quonset Slut is from the mind of Ted James. This is a two track set of drone, noise, instrumental rock.

Old Crow plays some good old stoner rock. A never tried and true format. This is a 3 track demo EP. Beware of the second track, you’ll get lost, it a huge 20 minute track but still cool as hell.

2 responses

  1. Old Crow are some fantastic dudes. Great buds, put on a sweet live show. They’ve played with us (Questioner) many times recently.. Geoff from Old Crow actually introduced us to bandcamp!

    September 23, 2010 at 10:05 am

  2. Thanks for the mention. The link to that Quonset Slut record has been updated. You can now find it over here:


    March 25, 2011 at 10:55 am

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