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Bandcamp Recommendations 10/07/2010

Good morning (or evening in other parts of the world). Today is Thursday and that means yet another Bandcamp Recommendation. All albums, free. Some albums, Name your price. All, deserve a donation of some type. Download, listen, be happy. Leave comments. Comments good.

First up is a psychedelic rock band that has a little stoner, garage and shoegaze. The band is Night of Sevens. This is their EP, The Flood Sessions – Abused and Unused. This EP is 4 tracks and 22 minutes long.

Next we go to Australia for 4 demos by David Norris. Two tracks are electric and the other 2 are acoustic.

The “Retroactively Futuristic” sessions were lost, so while I head back to the studio and re-record all the tracks, I have provided you with the early demos of 4 tracks from the session.

They are covers of a since disbanded band Fort.

I was tipped of to this next band by a blog (sorry, can’t remember the name). This 3 piece from the Netherlands plays some cool stoner/grunge/punk. The blog had compared the vocals to a mix of Chris Cornell (Soundgarden) and Mark Arm (Mudhoney). I’d say it’s closer to Mudhoney than Soundgarden but still cool none the less. It’s rather short, 4 songs and 15 minutes long but still worth your time.

Next we go to Salt Lake City for the next group. The group is Cavedoll. Their style is closer to an indie rock but there are heavy parts and even some punk. I wouldn’t call them a clone or a copycat but Queens of the Stone Age come to mind with these guys. You’ll have to listen for yourself to draw your own conclusion. Chek them out.

Ohio doesn’t churn out to many bad bands these days and the next one is no exception. The band is Valley of the Sun and they’re from Cincinnati. The midwest, as many know, is usually cloudy and almost gloomy this time of the year, Valley of the Sun lights it up. There isn’t a gloomy thing about their heavy stoner rock. I can hear influences such as Dozer, Truckfighters and Deep Purple. Very cool stuff indeed. There’s 5 songs on this just released EP.


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