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Review – Omotai – Peace Through Fear


This is, simply put, a sweet, sweet cover.

The trick with progressive tunes is to somehow maintain consistency, a continuous distinct “voice” even while the music itself winds through keys, tempos, instrumentation, etc. For instance, Rush always sounds like Rush, even with their diverse songs and sounds.

Most “progressive” fails because it’s too disjointed, too fragmented in its personality. One minute it sounds like one band, the next minute another, but never itself.

A musical repertoire is like someone’s vocabulary: someone who speaks in monosyllables can’t suddenly drop in a $50 word like pusillanimous* without jarring the hell out of the conversation. Follow me?

Also, tracks tend to run too long, and the usually highlight the difficulty of maintaining a consistent voice over the space of a 10-minute song.

Omotai seem to have learned both these lessons: their songs are relatively short, around two minutes, and though they’re not as eclectic as say, Thought Industry, they maintain a consistent sound throughout, while also occasionally letting it evolve and mature.

Summed up? Somewhat progressive grindcore. Heavy, yet agile and graceful.

Not revolutionary, but worth a listen, and a band worth watching.




* Contemptibly timid.

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