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Review – The Muddy Reds – Mannequin

My latest review came across the email recently from a band called The Muddy Reds. The Muddy Reds are a 4 piece from Los Angeles, CA. They’ve been together since 2005. To date they have released a self titled EP and now their latest effort Mannequin which was just released this past October. The album is a combination of early Rolling Stones, Robin Trower, classic and southern rock.

The album starts off with the track “Flophouse” which is a happy and upbeat track. “Atomic Springtime” is next which is upbeat as well but features a bit more southern rock to it. “Bad Cherry” is a faster tempo song. It’s the type of song that brings people out from the back of the venue out to the dance floor. “Wesley” is slower and a more blues oriented track featuring some harmonica throughout. The next song is called “Wake Up” but it’s broken up into 2 parts. The first part is a slower blues song. At the end and leading right into the second part it’s faster paced and loses the harmonica. “Katie Brown” is a slower acoustic track which seems to be about a girl who picks her self up from where she’s at a leaves town for other adventures. “Rolling Dead” is probably the most Robin Trower sounding track on the album. It sounds like something off of Bridge of Sighs with less psychedelics. “Love is A Gun” is a fast paced, blues rock song. It’s harmonic yet in your face at the same time. It’s my favorite track on the whole album. Now if you’re streaming the album that’s it. When you download it, for free mind you, you get an extra track, “Soft Cherry.” “Soft Cherry” is a slower acoustic track and a good way to unwind from “Love is a Gun.”

This is a soulful album right from the get go. It changes itself up from slow to fast throughout but has a nice even flow. The balance between blues rock and classic rock is as about perfect as one can get. The bonus track available with the free download makes it that much better. This is one gem that everyone needs to know about. I’m glad the band wrote to tell us about it because who knows when I would’ve run across them.

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