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Review – Kings Destroy – And the Rest Will Surely Perish

Rockabilly sludge? Stoner country? Redneck doom?

Any mashup of country and downtempo/ metal works, really– if Waylon Jennings (or Shooter) developed a taste for detunage. Pretty cool, actually. And not what I expected, especially from a band from Brooklyn composed of artists from Killing Time, Man’s Ruin and Upper Cut.

The second track, “Dusty Mummy,” opens with a combination of a laconic sludgy riff with volume swells that sound like whale calls over it. “The Whittler” is a laid back heavy blues, “Planet XXY” evokes the Black Crowes with slack-stringed Gibson SGs, and “Old Yeller” is Ozzy singing with St. Vitus.

Fave tracks: Dusty Mummy, Old Yeller, but And the Rest Will Surely Perish is consistent; if you like one, you’ll like all.

Nothing revolutionary here, but it’s clearly not trying to be. Good traditional doom with a few quirks, worth your time– and a muggy Louisiana Saturday night.


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