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Review-Marijuana Johnson-Green Hit

So then yesterday I listened to Marijuana Johnson’s full length debut, Green Hit and I got a fucking contact high. No man…serious. After I’ve listened to an album over and over, I also listen to it while I type the review. So…no shit…during track 4 whilst typing…fuck yea…I said whilst you stoner… I got a contact high. My mouth got dry…a grin stretched across my face and I craved Cool Ranch Doritos washed down with a banana Slurpee…fuck I love banana Slurpees…oh yea…and those Strawberry Shortcake Ice Cream bars…wow…I am high.

Ok. Get back on task… The album opens with, “Get High, Feel Good,” full of audio clips from movies that refer to reefer. Track 2, “Bud, Sex, and Beers”, gives us a lung full of what Marijuana Johnson brings to the party. The music is garage, punk, and stoner metal and is the cannabis version of party bands like Valient Thorr. “Worlwide High” opens with an audio clip of Brian Griffin asking if he can buy some pot from me. The tune bounces along with stoner pacing and booming beats mixed with punk-style vocals that spit, “Yea, I’m on all the time!”

The “thick as molasses in the dead of winter” bass of “traditional” doom and stoner rock bands guides us through, “Land of Lift.” The chorus is a reminder that this band likes to get fucking baked to the hilt and sing-a-long while doing it. “Smoke or Die” is hard hitting punk metal that paints an image of skater, punk, and metal kids thrashing in a crowded suburban garage to the live sounds of MJ. “One Hit Quitter” opens with audio from Half Baked and breaks down into sludgy goodness while keeping with the thrasher sound.

“Sasquatch” is next on this trip and has helped me add a new goal to my bucket list with these lyrics…”smokin’ with Bigfoot.” Shit man…I live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest where some of the best weed is grown and Sasquatch roams the woods. I gotta at least try. “Steamrolled” screams with crunchy guitars and more party atmosphere while “Slowburn” finished this joint with some spoken lyrics and grinding guitar that reinforce the bands mantra of weed, weed, and more weed.

Marijuana Johnson is the grass version of your favorite party band. Fun and loud with a superb mix of thrash, skater, punk, and stoner rock. This band is far more than just a novelty act as I hope they get signed to a record label soon and keep on keeping on. This album will stick to your brain like that gooey resin you scraped from your pipe this morning.

“So share your smoke just like the sky, cause there is nothing more than kicking back and getting highhhhhhh…..kickin’ back and getting hiiiiiggghhhhh.”


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  1. great stuff 🙂

    December 16, 2010 at 12:16 am

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