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Daily Bandcamp Album – Blackfoot Gypsies – Blackfoot Gypsies

The Blackfoot Gypsies is the bombastic melding of Matthew Paige, singer and guitar player, and Zack Murphy, tenured drummer from Nashville, TN. With the attitude and swagger of vintage country and rock lore from the past, the Blackfoot Gypsies is paving their path as one of America’s next contributors to the legacy of rock and roll! The authentic trans-western vibe has been masterfully crafted in the traditional roots of American music. We can hear the influences of Bob Dylan’s ragged vocals, Robert Johnson’s slide and blues soul, and Willie Nelson’s stories. Tough yet occasionally tender, the Keith Richards-inspired riffs and thunderous rhythms of Led Zeppelin are contrasted by Gram Parson’s angelic sense of country music.

The music crosses all boundaries creating fans of all ages and backgrounds. The Blackfoot Gypsies create timeless American music that feeds the American soul.

Introducing… Verdun

VERDUN was born in 2010 by the communion of five musicians with substantial backgrounds (some members appear in Fleshdoll (Pervade Prod.), Grandizer (Basement Apes), Raspoutine etc.) who have in common the passion for heavy and hypnotic musics.

Their masters ? Hawkwind, Black Sabbath, Pentagram, Pagan Altar or Saint Vitus.
After spending months in a cave of Montpellier (FRANCE) torturing their instruments in a wet cave, they decide to leave the darkness and carry the psychedelic flame that burns inside themselves. They do their very first steps on stage with Electric Wizard or with famous french bands like As We Draw, Quartier Rouge or Pord. (more…)

Clutch Perform New Song: Video


Clutch have been performing some new material during their ongoing run of Eastern U.S. dates. Fan-filmed footage of the group performing what they introduced as a new track during their recent December 28th live stop in Portland, ME can be seen below:


Daily Bandcamp Album – Cough – Ritual Abuse

Cough is a sludge/doom metal formed in Richmond, Virginia 2005. The band has recently written the follow-up to their album Sigillum Luciferi and has been working on the album with producer Sanford Parker. Ritual Abuse, was released on October 26, 2010 via Relapse Records amidst positive reception from various publications and have since embarked on a tour.

Introducing… The Hard Ponys

The Hard Ponys is a rock band from San Francisco. The music they make isn’t freak-folk, noise-core or post……anything. It isn’t art damaged. The melodies aren’t sunny, sun-soaked or sun-dappled.
These guys have thought long and hard to come up with a name for what they do, and what they finally came up with is…Rock ‘n’ Roll. The kids are gonna love it. Trust us.
Formed in 2010 by former members of San Francisco’s Flash Bastard, the band also features former and current members of the Del Bombers, Mister Hyde, Horror Show, Stagger and Fall, RadiostarSF, the Beast of England and Medieval Knievel. The Hard Ponys’ debut CD was released this June (more…)

Top 20 of 2011– Henry’s Picks

Honorable Mention:
Indian, Guiltless

Top 20:

20: Skeletonwitch, Forever Abomination

Genre-less pure metal: 1982 Metallica, covering Iron Maiden, with Cronos singing.

19: Hour of 13, The Ritualist

Totally generic but awesome satanic Sabbath riff-worship. (more…)

Daily Bandcamp Recommendations – Plastic Villains – Whoever You Are Today

Thanks to A Distant Rumble for the lead on this one.

Plastic Villains are a garage, psych, blues rock outfit from San Francisco, California. Formed in 2010 by college friends from around the country attending USF with similar tastes and respect for musical diversity, the group is already receiving recognition as one of SF’s next bands to watch for, and has been titled as The Deli Magazine’s Nov 2011 “Band of The Month.