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Swedish Sunday – Deville

After a nice, long holiday weekend, Swedish Sunday is now back. I hope you all enjoyed the holidays, and I hope you’re ready for more great music. Today’s featured artist is the always heavy Deville.

From their MySpace bio:

When it all came together at the end of 2003 Deville was born after some years of searching. Through a haze of rock, metal and stoner the members have found a way to do something that feels… The line-up was complete when Åkesson came back from Australia and Hambitzer gave up soulless pop and joined the inseparable duo, Andy and Markus. Since the 2004 line-up there have been over 150 gigs and festivals in Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, France, Italy and Portugal. Deville has also appeared in radio and national press in these countries. Daredevilrecords released at the end of 2005 a double feature cd lp with Deville and gothenburgers Sergej the Freak called Sergej the Freak meets Deville. Deville signed to Buzzville Records in 2007 and the album Come Heavy Sleep was released in Benelux, December 2007 and in the rest of Europe and the US in the beginning of 2008. Hail the Black Sky is the latest album released in June 2009 again through Buzzville in Europe and in the US and the touring in Europe has continued.

Andreas Bengtsson – vocals, guitar
Martin Hambitzer – guitar
Markus Nilsson – drums
Markus Åkesson – bass

Sergej the Freak Meets Deville (2005)
Daredevil Records 

  1. Hands of Mine
  2. From Below
  3. Devola
  4. The Wreck That You Make
  5. Seven
  6. Lowride
  7. Get It Right
  8. Thorn in My Side

All together a very enjoyable Split…the musicianship varies from very decent to great and the production for both bands are great for the most parts. It might be a bit of a run of the mill release, but it’s an above average run from a great mill! – Milan Elkerbout (The Metal Observer)

Come Heavy Sleep (2007)
Buzzville Records 

  1. Intro
  2. Sunset Capricorn
  3. Come Heavy Sleep
  4. Black Dawn
  5. Deserter
  6. Stillborn
  7. Earthburn
  8. Open Gates
  9. Into the Smoke
  10. Sweet Blood
  11. Far Beyond
  12. Rise Above
  13. Outro

While the tell-tale Swedish rock aesthetic is prevalent throughout all 13 tracks, the four-piece manages to push out some heavier than expected moments, as on “Black Dawn” and “Rise Above.” Both tracks have a rumbling tone that falls between the syrup of Acid King and the pile-driving mayhem of Black Cobra and are immediate highlights of Come Heavy Sleep. There’s a bit of radio sensibility – in both the vocals and the composition – to Deville as well. Come Heavy Sleep does the job of laying down some kick ass stoner rock. Lots of good songs on this one. – John Pegoraro (

Buy: ATIH | Record Heaven (EU)

Hail the Black Sky (2009)
Buzzville Records 

  1. Levitation
  2. On the Throne
  3. Hail the Black Sky
  4. Undead
  5. My Enemy
  6. The Only Thing
  7. Reason
  8. Through the Blade
  9. Early Grave
  10. A.K.A.
  11. Down to Me

While spinning the new Deville album Hail the Black Sky, I had an overwhelming urge to lie down on the carpet and make a (what I like to call) Fuzz Angel. Somewhat similar to a Snow Angel only you flap your arms very fast until you build up enough static electricity to power a small car, then run around screaming “RELEASE THE FUZZ!!!”. Typical Saturday night at my house. Anyhow… Hail the Black Sky definitely releases the fuzz, delivering a nonstop barrage of catchy hooks and memorable riffs. – Adam Walsh (

Buy: ATIH | Record Heaven (EU)

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