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Bandcamp Recommendations 01/13/2011

Is it Thursday already? Oh wait, it is. Time sure does fly when you’re having fun. Well by now I hope you know the procedure. If not, or you’re new (welcome), here’s the basic run down. Download each and every album here for FREE. Pay what you think it’s worth, buy a physical copy, buy some other merchandise or attend a show from these artists. Support them in any way possible, they deserve it and the money goes right to them and not a member of the RIAA. Today’s features are a bit on the heavier and darker side, at least compared to most of the past recommendations. Perhaps it’s my mood, I don’t know but I think you’ll like what is in store today.

First up are the sludge masters Diesto from Portland, OR. They have the tried but true sludge formula yet ever so doomy. This is the latest of their many albums available up on Bandcamp. 

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Next up is Ayahuasca Dark Trip. They are a brazilian/peruvian/dutch band and play some dark, doomy, atmospheric, instrumental psychedelic rock. This is something you’d hear in a horror movie where the teens are running around in cave and find this old can of Pepsi. They notice that it hasn’t been opened. The jock of the group opens it up to prove to the hot blonde of the group it isn’t haunted. Nothing happens, or does it? Opening said Pepsi can unleashes a condemned spirit who haunts the teens throughout the rest of the movie. Well this is the music that plays as the spirit is watching and attacking the stupid kids. Yeah, the horror movie is so cliched but the music isn’t. 

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Next is a band from New York called Archon. The title is called Evocation. It is a single song but it’s a hell of a doom track and a blistering 13:42 long. I can see lots of good things coming from these guys in the future. 

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The final recommendation for the week is the lightest of the bunch. By lightest I mean it’s not as doomy or sludgy. At times it’s mellow and atmospheric psychedelic rock. At other times it does get down and dirty. The band is Neon Rooks and is the work of one man, Dace Merryweather. This is his second album. 

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2 responses

  1. mooddoom

    Ayahuasca Dark Trip is a trip worth taking…exellent soundscape that matches the album cover.

    January 14, 2011 at 12:52 pm

  2. John

    Ayahuasca Dark Trip is really great ! Looking forward to the next album. Any chance to find the second album here?

    April 22, 2012 at 4:23 pm

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