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Review – Mangrove – A Distant Dream of the Tomorrow

Sweden keeps ‘em coming…Mangrove’s second effort, “A Distant Dream of Tomorrow”, is a classic rock album that is heavy and mystical. Jani Katajas’ vocals contrast between dark caverns and the soaring birds of peace while Fredrik and Magnus keep the 70’s music machine on track.
The album opens with “Black Sun”, a song from the 70’s psychedelic classic rock files. The track jams with classic riffs and the type of singing that conjures up all the spirits in the valley below. The title track floats into my mind with the sounds of wind and mystery. Powerful vocals and spaced out rock carry this song into “Never Again”. A track that sneaks in like an outro played backwards kissed with thumping drums and bold heartfelt lyrics, “was a fool to believe her story.”
“I’ve Been Seen Upon the Sun” is stripped down and beautiful with a folk flavor. Jani has the ability to make his voice soar even when singing softly. “Mean Women Blues” is…well…a bluesy rock song. The next track, “Falling Through Time” is softly classic with its strumming rhythm and banging bass. The album takes a psychedelic 70’s turn with, “Odd John’s Mindtrip” and “Walk over the Oceans”. Not enough to define the band as psychedelic, but it definitely adds more bulk and depth to their sound. “Legend Roads” carries a dramatic tone with the music and vocals dancing with classic rock and soft rock. The album ends with more psychedelic undertones on the instrumental, “Chant of the Seas.”
Mangrove is solid classic rock with hints of psychedelic and folk. These guys don’t reinvent the wheel with this effort, but instead bring solid rock to the forefront. I don’t need my music to always be inventive. Most of the time I simply need a band that is solid at what they do. Mangrove is solid and with two albums under their belt, I can only see a bright horizon for these classic rockers.

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