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Bandcamp Recommendations 1/27/2011

Welcome again to another Bandcamp Recommendation. We’ve got some real stoner rock inspired music here. There’s lots of free riff to be had with this weeks choices. All free of course. Please remember to support the bands whenever possible. Buy their CDs, LPs, EPs, cassettes and 8 tracks. Buy some shirts and concert tickets. They deserve it with all their hard work they put into getting these tunes to you.

Sex Type Thing are a stoner rock band from Russia. Their sound is your typical stoner sound, great guitar riffs, rocking melodies and good vocals. I don’t know if the band’s name comes from the Stone Temple Pilots song but every now and then you can hear a tab bit of their sound in the music. This EP is their 2009 release and rocks on for 30 minutes. If you like this, they have a second album due out very soon.

Get this album from Bandcamp

The Dust Bowl offer their debut album for free. Eight tracks total that combine some fine stoner, desert, classic and psychedelic rock. It’s heavily influenced by 70’s hard rock. The riffs are toe thumping, especially the second track “I Get My Way.”

Enos play a cool mix of psychedelic, progressive, stoner hard rock. Think early Orange Goblin. The tracks slay you to numbness. It’s a full 35 minutes long. There’s 2 tracks over 7 minutes and one over 9. Good shit indeed!

Last band to round it off for the night is The Cave Sessions by Digger Burns. Digger Burns are a rock band from Sweden. Their sound is some cool 70’s fuzz inspired hard rock. Very warm and fuzzy with some kick ass drumming. Did I mention it was fuzzy? Fans of Truckfighters will love this one! 

Get this album from Bandcamp

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