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Review – Sweetkiss Momma – Revival Rock

WOW! That was my first impression of this album when I first listened to it. I didn’t think that anyone could ever capture the feel and sound of 1970’s southern classic rock. First The Brought Low proved me wrong and here I am again getting corrected by Sweetkiss Momma.

If southern classic rock band’s like The Allman Brothers, Molly Hatchet and the great Lynyrd Skynyrd are your thing, go and add Sweetkiss Momma to your list. Everything about this band reeks of the mentioned bands. They’re a five piece from Washington state, an unlikely place for this style of music but location isn’t important, it’s the music that is.

This is the same type of music that our dads and uncles used to sit around and get high to long before we were around. The album’s name is Revival Rock and that’s exactly what it is, an autobiography of the style. The entire album is radio friendly from tracks like “Come Clean” or “Mercy Love.” They even have their take on Skynyrd’s “Tuesday’s Gone” with “Strange Fire”. Each song has its own distinct style of catchy riffs, tight drums and harmonic lyrics and it all starts with the first track “Ready to Go”, into “Son Of The Mountain” and all the way through to “To Help A Man”.

Honestly, this album could rival any Skynyrd album and hold its own. Anyone into southern rock, classic rock or fans of Stone Axe, Stone Mask, Sasquatch, The Brought Low, Stevie Ray Vaughn or any mentioned above, cannot be without this album. It’s a welcome addition to any collection and has plenty of repeat and staying power on any play list, including mainstream classic rock radio stations.

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