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Swedish Sunday – Magnus Pelander

Last week’s feature brought you one of the best that today’s stoner/doom has to offer with Witchcraft. This week, we’re doing something  a tad bit different. We’re featuring Magnus Pelander, the voice of the mighty Witchcraft.

From Wikipedia: (yes, I know it’s Witchcraft’s bio)

Magnus Pelander (formerly of Norrsken) formed Witchcraft in 2000 in order to record a tribute to Pentagram‘s Bobby Liebling and Roky Erickson. The “No Angel or Demon” single was released in 2002 by Primitive Art Records which caught the ear of Lee Dorrian’s label Rise Above Records, who quickly signed them. A year later, the band were brought back together with Jonas Arnesén taking the place of original drummer Jens Henriksson, and his brother Mats taking Ola’s place on the bass. Their debut album, Witchcraft, was worked on in a basement studio with vintage equipment, which gave them their very seventies-esque sound. Mats left the band almost immediately after the recording was done. Mats was also the drummer in the surf trio “The Hollywoods” and 50’s rockin “Eva Eastwood & the major keys” In mid-2004, the band toured Europe with Orange Goblin and Grand Magus. The band recorded their second album, Firewood, in England, which was released on Rise Above in 2005. That same year the band toured the UK in support of Corrosion of Conformity, backed by the “Chylde of Fire” single. In mid-2006, Jones Arnesén left the band and was replaced by original drummer, Jens Henriksson. The band toured the US in latter part of 2006 with Danava. During this tour, on November 11, 2006, Witchcraft performed at the Rock and Roll Hotel in Washington, DC. For their encore they played two Pentagram covers (“When the Screams Come” and “Yes I Do”) with Bobby Liebling on vocals. Following their US tour they returned to the studio and recorded the single “If Crimson Was Your Colour.” This was released on 7″ vinyl by Rise Above on November 6, 2006. Following the single Jens Henriksson once again left Witchcraft and was replaced by Fredrik Jansson (formerly of Abramis Brama). Their third and most recent album, The Alchemist, was released on October 8, 2007 by Rise Above Records (UK), Leaf Hound Records (Japan), and Candlelight Records (US). Shortly after The Alchemist, Witchcraft released a split 12″ with The Sword on Kemado Records. The EP features alternate versions of three previously released songs. The band played the side stage on the one day Ozzfest 2008.

Magnus Pelander – vocals and guitar

Magnus Pelander (2010)

aQuarius Records

  1. A Sinner’s Child
  2. Hope
  3. You Have Got No Friends To Turn To
  4. Stardust

Praise for Magnus Pelander‘s S/T from San Francisco’s aQuarius Records: Attention, all worshippers of Witchcraft!! What we have here is the next best thing to new music from that more ’70s than thou band of Swedish heavy prog downer doomsters, and huge AQ faves. It’s the debut solo recording from Witchcraft frontman Magnus Pelander, a four song, 21 minute ep. If you’re a real Witchcraft fan, you’ll want this. Since Magnus is the prime mover in Witchcraft, and this highlights his distinctive, mellifluous voice as well as guitar playing and songwriting talents, it’s one of those “solo” projects that doesn’t sound too different from the main band… except it’s mostly acoustic! (read more at Roadburn)

This is the debut solo recording from Witchcraft frontman Magnus Pelander, a 4 track EP. What you get here is what could be described as a “folk” version of Witchcraft and it is mostly acoustic and mostly extremely mellow. His distinctive voice is here of course along with his trademark brand of psychedelic song-writing. What first grabbed my attention is musically this is pretty intricate for a recording so folksy. On the EP Magnus plays 6 string acoustic guitar, some electric, plus drums and percussion while a good friend (read more at Doommantia)

Buy: ATIH | Record Heaven (EU) | Amazon

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