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Swedish Sunday – Thalamus

It’s yet another Sunday, the day before the work week begins and the last chance at some peace in your world. It’s also the day that we bring you a band from Sweden that you may or may not have heard of. Today’s band is a band I discovered early last year. To date, they’ve released one full length and an EP with another full length coming up. Well, I’ll let them tell you a little more…

From their MySpace:

Thalamus spawned in 2006 from former members of “Cryonic temple”, “Kjell-Ronnys pop orchestra” and “Lavskäggä”. Kjelle met up with Janne and Basse and formed Thalamus. A month later Peter joined the band. Out of this came the highly acclaimed cd “Beneath a dying Sun” Now at the beginning of 2009 Håkan Danielsson has joined Thalamus completing the sound with the Hammond Organ and Thalamus has started to record their follow up cd. The music we create together can simply be explained as: Beautiful, groovy, heavy and brutal riffing heavy Rock. Five guys with a love for 70’s heavy Rock doing what they enjoy the most. Make music, play live, drink beer and just living it up.

Kjell Bergendahl – guitar, Vocals
Peter Johansson – bass
Sebastian Olsson – drums
Mats Gesar – guitar
Joachim Åslund – hammond organ and keys

Beneath a Dying Sun (2007)
Grooveyard Records 

  1. By the River
  2. Unravelled
  3. Poor Man’s Brain
  4. Can’t Live Without Your Love
  5. Ride
  6. Next to Me
  7. Firefly
  8. Maze of Revelations
  9. We’re Gonna Die Someday
  10. Too Stoned
  11. Falling

From the opening track, the Thalamus disc comes at you like a freight train gone off the track, rummaging through, blowing up, and devastating everything in its path like an angry hurricane! The staple of the Thalamus sound is the monstrous, abominable guitar riffs that dominate and weld the music together in a catastrophic wall of sound that uses their soundwaves to obliterate all in sight like radiation from a nuclear bomb blast! – Geno Desi

Buy: ATIH | Record Heaven (EU) | CD Baby

Sign Here for Nothing (2010)
Scoj Music 

  1. Hope You Understand
  2. Breathe Easy
  3. Black Day Sunday
  4. New Age Blues
  5. Early Morning Leave

The riffs, the grooves, the feels all come from the mid 70’s book of hard rock. Deep Purple, Rainbow, The Scorpions and Led Zeppelin being the more obvious influences but being modern and Swedish means they rock harder than any of those bands. Also, the sound on this disk is massive and extremely chunky with dual guitars being upfront and central to their sound…If you have never heard the band, I recommend you check this out despite the one questionable track, Thalamus are another great Swedish band I am sure you will dig. – Ed Barnard

Buy: Record Heaven (EU)

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