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Mini Review – Three Seasons – Life’s Road

What do we have here? A new Swedish band called Three Seasons. Lookie, listen.

Three Seasons are Sartez (ex SIENA ROOT vocalist), guitar and vocals, Olle, bass, and Christian, drums. While all of us are very different from each other, one could surely say that in some senses, we’re fairly similar too. THREE SEASONS is a mash-up of our thoughts, minds and bodies, together forming sounds possibly reminding of bands and musicians such as DEEP PURPLE, LED ZEPPELIN, PINK FLOYD, JIMI HENDRIX, THE DOORS, BLACK SABBATH, FREE, GOV’T MULE, MOUNTAIN and SANTANA.

They have a 70’s retro blues sound going. Very similar to what bands like Graveyard, Siena Root and Brutus have going. It’s full of long and short classic rock although it can also be described as stoner/doom, there really isn’t much doom to it. Doomheads would like it though.

“Each To Their Own” is a very nice jam track. It comes in at a blistering 11:06 long. There are two other tracks that are over 10 minutes long, “An Endless Delusion”, which has a bit of Jethro Tull sound and “Since Our First Day”.

This is an enjoyable album coming in at a massive 65 minutes long. Ten times through and going strong on the playlist here. The album was just released by Transubstans Records. Get yours now!

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