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Current Rotation 3/9/2011

It’s been awhile but here is my current rotation. These are some of the things that I’ve been listening to as of late.

Tanks were recently featured as a New Band To Burn One To. At that time they were about to release their debut EP, Tracks. Shortly afterward it was released as streaming only at the band’s Bandcamp site. It has since been released in physical form on CD through the Memphis Hates You label.

I’m pretty pleased with what I hear. The EP is 22 minutes of punk, heavy and sometimes noise rock. There isn’t much on the CD insert but it seems as if it could have been recorded live in the studio. Either way, it sounds real good.

Red Fang are back, oh are they. Their newest release is due out next month, April 12th to be exact. It’s a lot heavier and even a bit sludgier than their self titled. The album is Murder The Mountains. The album should be called Murder The Soul because that’s what the songs do, they tear you apart. It’s like a mosh pit for the ears, chicken soup for the ears. I can go on. Shall I? Nah, I’ll let yo draw your own conclusions. 

The Grand Trick have just released their second album titled Reminence Boulevard. I’ve been listening for a few weeks now. They’ve got a unique sound to them. Imagine Lemmy (Motorhead) singing for Blood of the Sun. It’s a monstrous 10 tracks just under an hour. It’s got some great classic rock sounding riffs and a good listen all around.

The last one I’ve been listening to is Hobosexual. They were also featured as a New Band To Burn One To. I was turned onto these guys after reading about them on the awesome Number of The Blog site. Besides having one of the coolest names, they have some pretty killer music as well. The album is rocking, grooving, sometimes a little weird but all kick ass. It’s a bit punk, garage rock with a little fuzz on top. Imagine The Black Keys on speed. This one has actually been on constant repeat for the last few days. Very entertaining indeed.


One response

  1. mooddoom

    Red Fangs newest is badass…they have a great website too.

    March 9, 2011 at 2:24 pm

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