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Review – Firebird – Double Diamond

I am a metal head. I have always loved the aggression and power that is emitted from the death, speed, and heavy metal bands of my yesteryear. I say yesteryear because my taste has “mellowed” out a little and is now focused on doom, stoner, and sludge. With that said, Firebird is from the ashes of death metal and uses that residual power to conquer other genres of rock. The whole band ain’t from those ashes…but Bill Steer sure is. As the former guitarist for Napalm Death and Carcass, Bill uses his entire arsenal of power as vocalist and guitarist for Firebird to simply kick ass.

Firebird’s sixth effort, Double Diamond, begins with some serious fuzzy rocking guitar on “Soul Saviour”. It becomes evident right away that this album is for the shredders too. Steer is an impressive guitarist and we’ve only just begun. “Ruined” comes in like a Chevy Nova doin’ 110…the pace is fast and simply catchy. By now you’ll have noticed the vocals sound is a little glam rock. This is not a rip at all. It just has that tone and feel…which lends itself well to the fuzzy stoner rock sound that Steer creates. “Bright Lights” is a little bluesy but still rocking.

“For Crying Out Loud” reminds me a little of the band Drivin’-n-Cryin’ because of the vocals and bluesy sound. “Farewell” is a great soft track that carries a kick ass guitar riff. We return to the rock on the next tracks, “A Wing and a Prayer” and “A Pound of Flesh”.
The next track is a chunky “Arabesque” with lots of empty space that defines the thickness. The album finishes with soft rocking “Lose Your Delusions” and the beautiful, “Pantomime”.

Double Diamond is a guitar lover’s paradise. Every track shows off Steer’s talent as a musician. Between the soft sounds of “Pantomime” and the hard rocking “Soul Saviour”, your ears will be pleased by Firebird’s ability to play good rock music.


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