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Bandcamp Recommendations 4/28/2011

Welcome back to another weekly edition of our Bandcamp Recommendation feature. Here are four fine free albums. Remember, support these artists whenever you can. Buy physical media, donate a few dollars or buy some other swag.

Our first band is Aunt Jamamas Big Band Vigilantes. They are from Seattle, WA. No they’re not grunge, pre, during or post. They’re style is a bit of noise rock, some psychedelic, some ambient and at times, a little jazzy. Odd for my taste but still pretty good. This is their EP titled The Sebring EP.

Pigboat are next. I actually heard about them a while ago and have owned both of their releases. They’re up on Bandcamp now for your enjoyment They’re offering Nothing’s Ever Finished for free.They play some pretty mean ass hard rock and/or roll.

Next up is some very cool hard psychedelic rock from a band called Het Droste Effect. They are from the Netherlands. This is their self titled EP up for free. I forgot to mention, some of the songs are a bit fuzzy too.

Last we go back to Seattle for Lark Vs. Owl. This is their self titled EP as well. The music is a bit mellower but still pretty cool rock.

Finally we have some fine sludgy blues rock. The band is called Root Spirits and this is their EP called Long Road Ahead.

Everything (w/ the exception of the solo in Dirt Blues) was cut live to analog tape at Trax East Studios. This is a wonderful snapshot of where we were & how we’re growing.


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