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Taken From the press release. Please, no comments on the “Black Metal” part. I didn’t write it I just passed it along.


     Bizarre Swedish black metal band GHOST, who recently released its debut album Opus Eponymous in North America via Rise Above Records / Metal Blade, are the cover stars of the June, 2011 issue of Decibel, which is on newsstands now.  The cover feature – “Haunting the Chapel” – explains just why “it’s so easy to identify why the Underground’s gaga” for the anonymous retro-metallers whose modus operandi is directly stated as “tricking mankind into believing the end is ultimately a good thing via the ever so popular rock music medium.”  To read more about the glorious ghouls, pick up the new issue of Decibel today; available for purchase at this location.

     GHOST‘s Opus Eponymous is a daringly fascinating combination of satanic rock music merged with an almost unthinkable pop sensibility; this is Black Metal at its most original and deceiving apex.  Musically rich and teeming with an undeniably authentic classic metal aura (described “as if the last three decades of heavy metal history never existed”), Opus Eponymous baits andensnares with its undeniable accessibility while “majestically weaving a melodic spell of evil through the senses until listeners become utterly possessed and open to any diabolical suggestion”.


     Enveloped in a shroud of mystery and standing anonymous beneath the painted faces, hoods and robes which their sect demand, the six nameless ghouls of GHOST deliver litanies of pulsating heavy rock and stimulating lyrics which “glorify and glamorize the disgusting and sacrilegious”.  The music and philosophies of GHOST specifically target “individuals who have a void in their life perhaps caused by some form of emotional trauma or upset” (research suggests these are most likely adolescents); this dearth can then be alluringly filled by GHOST‘s music and philosophies, “so that in time the easily manipulated will come to share the views and goals of the Coven’s ministry and can prepare their own plans for the downfall of humanity.””Our mission is not as much about conversion as it is about underlining which path you all have chosen to go, and where it will ultimately lead you,” declared GHOST cult leader “THE GHOUL WITH NO NAME” in a rare communiqué.  “We are the file playing back in your digital earpiece while you are carelessly approaching the end.”

GHOST’s Opus Eponymous

     Last month, GHOST delighted an unsuspecting crowd of new devotees with a phantasmal performance at the 2011 Roadburn Festival in Tilburg, Holland.  The incorporeal beings were captured by a lucky attendee who – by posting the footage online – spreads the sect’s sacrilegious scripture to new and nescient minds across the globe.  Stop what you’re doing and witness GHOST as they administer the ghastly grooves of “Prime Mover“, “Genesis” and “Ritualat this location.  An audio sampling of the sextet’s suggestive strain is also available for ingestion immediately as “Ritual” streams online courtesy of Stereogum.  Check out the unsettling, “chirpiest song about human sacrifice” ever put to tape today at this location.            

GHOSTis: Vocals – THE GHOUL WITH NO NAME,Guitar – ???, Bass – ???, Drums – ???, Keyboards – ???, Chants – ???.

     “Sweden’s GHOST have built up an impressive underground buzz during the last six months…like Roger Corman, Dennis Wheatley, ‘Rosemary’s  Baby’ and King Diamond, the underlying silliness is all part of the fun.” – DECIBEL

     “‘Opus Eponymous’ is an extraordinary debut… not to mention creepy as hell.”

“Though the line between self-awareness, irony, and authenticity makes for an interesting discussion, Ghost’s music stands on its own…gloriously catchy” – ALARM

     “Stockholm’s Ghost is a secretive group currently making waves across the heavy metal community. In one fell swoop, they’ve disinterred the genre’s original form and given it a ghoulish update without sacrificing the reek of retro status.” – THE WASHINGTON TIMES

     “Ghost see potential converts in people tapping their toes to catchy ditties about human sacrifice…positively quaint” – INVISIBLE ORANGES

     “When they lay into a vocal harmony or chorus they sound like an evil Cheap Trick merged with early Merciful Fate.  Sometimes you just have to admit that the devil has the best tunes.” – VERBICIDE


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