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Review – Apostles of Solitude, The Flight of Sleipnir, and Rituals of Oak

This here is a review of the split CD with Apostles of Solitude, Rituals of the Oak and The Flight of Sleipnir….it’s a 3-way baby! Five tracks for a total of over 50 minutes of pure doom.

Let us begin with Apostles of Solitude whom occupy tracks 1 and 4 on this three-way. “This Mania” tastes like doom with its pace and haunting vocals. “Transgressions” is track 4 on the split and is a killer song at almost 12 minutes. The pace is slower…the guitar a little fuzzy at times…then add the vocals of doom and drone and you have something I call yummy.

The email i got from these guys proclaimed a lineup change that includes vocals from Gates of Slumber and some guitar from Devil to Pay. Sounds like a super group in the making. Add in these 2 great tracks and you have a formula that will propel Apostles of Solitude into part of the doom pulse.

The Flight of Seipnir occupy the spaces of track 3 and 5 on the split. And they occupy those spaces to the fullest extent….great stuff. “A Legacy of Iron” begins with haunting doom that sounds like backtracking. I’m in love. You see my friends…I feel in love (hard) with a band calledISISonce. And that sound of ambient metal and doom metal are too close of lovers to not be noticed in this track. The Flight of Sleipnir does it in a really great way. The track continues on the path of doom and adds in all the details that make doom so beautiful. “Draugr” is gorgeous with it’s progressive guitar sound and distant hollow vocals. But it’s the dark shadows that remain as the undertone and eventually taint the blood (in the best of ways) and creates a doom death metal feel that is as fresh as anything I’ve heard lately. Impressive stuff from a band formed in 2007…and their breaking new ground?…very cool my metal brothers. Very cool.

Rituals of the Oak,Australia, round out the spilt with a massive 18 minute mind numbing track called, “Hallward”.  Slow paced doom with the stoner feel wrapped around sultry strong female vocals. Load the bong at about the halfway point and let the last minutes take you away. Not that I believe you need a bong to be taken away and dig on music. But c’mon Man! We stoners know how to enjoy our food, women, wine, and music after a freshly smoke bowl.

Great split from Eyes Like Snow records. All bands bring their own version of doom to the table and refuse to apologize. Best three-way I’ve had in months.

Check out the label,


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