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Current Rotation 6/27/2011

Welcome to another edition of Current Rotation. Summer time is here and where I’m at, it sure feels like it. Lets take a few minutes to reflect on what summer means. Warm weather, swimming, no school and loud music. Think about it, what a better time to play your music loud? Below are some of the bands whose music I’ve been playing a lot lately.

Bacchus Baracus are a 4 piece from Glasgow and they play some pretty bad ass hard rock. They just released their 4 track EP titled Growler. It’s approiately named too because the EP hits you up with some pretty gruffy vocals, tight drumming and monstrous guitar riffs. The EP hits you like a freight train and trust me, I run one for a living so I should know. “Rock N’Roll Man” gets it going and I was hooked from the first few notes. The last track, “Longest Day,” with some great 70’s inspired riffs and has a nice blues rock solo.This EP has it all if you’re looking for a hard and riff rocking good time. It’s a guarantee to get the car that pulls up next to you at a stop light to be envious because you’re playing good music while all they have is Linkin Park. Grab it from their Bandcamp page (link below).

There’s no doubt that we love psych blues here at The Soda Shop. New comers Larman Clamor just released their self titled album which is a psych blues lover’s wet dream. It has plenty of heavy blues riffs through out. One thing I love about this album is the use of a Hammond organ through out. It adds a nice little warm touch to it. Another thing that really sets this album apart from all others is the fact that not one song sounds even remotely close to another on it. Each song has the ability to trick the listener into thinking this is a comp album.The production and quality of the album is top notch. By listening you would think that this is a full fledged 4 or 5 piece band but it’s not. It’s the work of 2 very talented individuals. Hear for yourself below.

If you followed along with our March Bandness brackets we had with Heavy Planet back in March, you’d know that Switchblade Jesus took a close 2nd. I had never heard of them until the tournament. I know, shame on me. The guys are hard at work on a full length and have just recently released a three track EP. I call it a preview EP as the songs on it are going to make it to the full length when it’s ready. The songs on the EP are heavy and hard rock with some metal moments. They’re fast paced and in your face, well in your face if it’s still there after the melting that Switchblade Jesus is capable of doing. Hear for yourself on their Facebook player.

One thing I learned a ling time ago was never be put off by a weird band name as I may be surprised by what I hear. Such is the case with the next band, Chicken Diamond. Chicken Diamond play some fine blues rock, almost delta blues like. To get an idea, think Black Diamond Heavies or Left Lane Cruiser. Chicken Diamond has one thing on those other bands though. While Black Diamond Heavies and Left Lane Cruiser are a two piece band, Chicken Diamond is the work of one individual.Pulling from many influences such as Sonic Youth, Les Zeppelin and The Stooges, Chicken Diamond’s album is top notch from start to finish. “Raw Blues” is how it’s described on the Facebook page. There’s plenty of guitar riffs and solos featured throughout the album and the bass and drums are deep that they may shatter some glass should you turn your bass up on your system. It’s catchy and a great listen. Head on over to the Facebook page and hear for yourself.

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