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Review – Gideon Smith & The Dixie Damned – 30 Weight

If Gideon Smith were a baseball player, he’d be batting 1.000. His 3rd full length, 30 Weight, is about to hit via Small Stone Records and it’s a winner. Southern hard rock is the best way to describe it but I’m willing to bet you already knew that.

30 Weight has the band’s trademark sound, vocals and all. The overall sound of the album seems to be a bit darker, especially on the tracks “Bleed Black” (a Saint Vitus cover) and “Shining Star” which reminds me of Danzig. The album takes a 360 from the normal towards the end with a much softer, acoustic and more classic country sounding number with “When I Die.” That’s followed up with a more upbeat track “Come And Howl.”

This is a fine album and is one that’s been in my cross hairs since the last album. It didn’t disappoint one bit. The album has a whole range from hard to mellow, high to low. Gideon Smith doesn’t churn out music as quickly as others may, but when he does, it’s always done right. Certainly this is one that will end up on many top lists of 2011, mine included. 30 Weight will be out via Small Stone Records this fall.

Small Stone

2 responses

  1. SaintLee

    HELL YEAH, from the Heart of Dixie, screams a BIG ole get this shit pressed and get it on the way to the homestead. Gid and the boys have never disappointed. Its about time they find their way to the deep south, i will provide the BBQ and the beer if they will provide the entertainment.

    August 3, 2011 at 8:58 pm

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