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Review – The Red Plastic Buddha – All Out Revolution

The Red Plastic Buddha

are a rock band from the windy city, Chicago, IL. Now they’re style isn’t what we’re used to here at The Soda Shop. It’s not heavy, dirty in your face rock and roll. It’s not mind melting doom or sludge. No, this is old fashioned rock wrapped up with garage and psychedelic. To put it bluntly, it’s more mellow but far from some Richard Marx bullshit so don’t worry. I wouldn’t steer you wrong that way.

Red Plastic Buddha released their newest album All Out Revolution last month. I first came across them when searching through Bandcamp for recommendations. I liked them lot as it was different. The first listen I really didn’t know what to think. I liked it but I wasn’t sure why. It took a few listens but it grew on me. The band makes good use of ambiance throughout including the somewhat eerie track “Between Stations.” The psychedelics play in well as the way it’s mastered into the album. “King of the Underground” is one to turn up and immerse yourself into. It’s a really upbeat and outgoing track. “Star Shaped Holes” is reminiscent of some later day Pink Floyd.

All Out Revolution is an album that will take you back to the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s in terms of style. It’s pretty diverse Each song has a unique identity and will make you think back to artists such as Pink Floyd, The Smiths and even go as far back as Jefferson Airplane. Listen for yourself below on the Bandcamp player. If you like it, there’s a few links below for purchase. Don’t forget to grab their 2007 release Sunflower Sessions while you’re at it.

Get this album from Bandcamp

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