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Review – Black Wyrm Seed – Black Wyrm Seed

I received this CD in the mail recently and thought I was getting another heavy metal or black metal cd (yeah, it happens). Never one to judge a book by its cover though, I popped the CD in and gave it a listen. I was all prepared to cover my ears but instead of some garbling noise with vocals I couldn’t make out because the singer needed to have his throat checked out, I was greeted by some pleasantly light hearted vocals and folksy guitars. Black Wyrm Seed happen to be a psychedelic band from Chicago.

The album is mellow throughout. It’s psychedelic but not trippy. It gets a little heavy with the track “Sleeping Sickness” about halfway through the album. It’s an all instrumental track that features some heavy drumming.

Black Wyrm Seed’s album is a nice departure from from the everyday hard rocking and heavy music. Those that like to get tripped out and/or high will enjoy the beauty and ambiance of this album. Even if poison isn’t your thing, you’d still enjoy this. Check them out on their Facebook page and hear for yourself.


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