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Review – Easy Trigger – On and On

Easy Trigger are from Nijmegen in The Netherlands. They are  a 4 piece and play some good hard rock with a little bit of pop here and there. Their sound is almost like a fuzzed down version of The Truckfighters with a tad bit of Queens of the Stone Age and some garage rock. On and On is their latest relese. It’s a catchy album with some great guitar riffs and memorable lyrics. The only part I didn’t care for is the last track called “Waar zijn m’n mensen” which was done with a person called Discipline. It’s a rock number with an r&b twist. While it sounded fine (even though it was done in their native tongue), I’m not an r&b/rap guy. Overall the album is good and worth your time and energy.

Stream the album below and if you like it, head on over to order up your own copy.


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