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Review – The Mediums – Shiny Void Blues

I was a believer that no good rock was coming from Chicago once Low of the Low broke up. Lately I’ve been getting proved wrong left and right. I’m not exactly complaining as it means there’s more good local music for me to go to. One band that caught me blindsided was The Mediums. Located on the north side of the city, The Mediums are a 4 piece that play dirty blues rock. Take the soul of The Black Keys, the grit of a delta blues singer, add some raw power and lots of energy and a little fuzz here and there and you get The Mediums.

Their album, Shiny Void Blues, available only on vinyl (with free digital download of course), is one perfect slab of wax. It’s dirty, it’s gritty, it, it’s near perfect. The album starts off with “My, My, My” which starts the pace and mood of the album. Fast paced with lots of fuzz. “Tankful” (hear below) starts off with a catchy as hell fuzzy riff and continues a memorable riff throughout. “Disconnect” is a bit slower paced but retains that dirty gritty style. “The Right Spot” is a fast number, sorta like an Anglo Jackson song with a very cool instrumental towards the end. “Deep Inside” starts off more vocally than instrumentally but the fuzz kicks in and it’s a go. “Black & Brown” closes out side B with a slower but swinging number.

This is a very cool album that will be difficult to put down once put on. The fact that it’s only available on vinyl helps give the album that nice warm feel that this album gives out. I liked it so much I had to rip the vinyl to put onto my iPhone so I could listen to it while on the road just to hold me over. The sound is excellent, the production is top notch and the quality is superb.

In the USA the record can be purchased at:

Saki Records
3716 W. Fullerton Ave
Chicago, IL. 60647
sun-mon 12-7 / tue-sat 12-8

In Europe:

In Japan:


Digital download can be grabbed off of their Bandcamp page.

MySpace profile


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