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Review – The Sand Collector – Lord of the Sun

I’m going to let Google translate the band’s bio:

The Sand Collector began in 2002 when Julian Velasco and Miguel A. Fernandez played in his first band together Nahrayan. At that time already begun to compose some riffs on today are the songs of The Sand Collector. But it was not until 2008 and with input from all members when the band started seriously working on their first album, “Lord of the Sun”, consisting of 7 songs of powerful and catchy stoner rock, with passages and influences heavy metal, doom and hardcore. This album was pleased Sampedro Manuel Parada, head of Radix Records, who signed as a new band seal Galician.
The re-release of “Lord of the Sun” by the label, has some bonus tracks, with a line something faster than the previous songs, but the band is working to provide direct and compose new themes for your next job.

Ok, so the translation sounds funny and improper but it’s Google’s fault. The real deal is the music here. This is the reissue an upon listening to it, I can say I’m quite pleased. It’s heavy and hard hitting stoner rock that could actually be considered stoner metal in some aspects. It has toning at times where you could swear you hear a Clutch influence but then it throws you a bone. The reissue is 51 minutes long which is perfect when you want to get yourself up in a frenzy. The album is full of energy to get you all worked up, especially in tracks like “Lord of the Sun” and “Foxriver.”

Fans of Clutch, Down, Black Label Society, Planet of Zeus and anything else that kicks ass with a steel toe boot will love this. Listen to the album title track below and hear more on their Facebook. You will NOT be disappointed!


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