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Bandcamp Recommendations 8/18/2011

It’s Thursday, it’s Bandcamp day, you know what to do. Sample what is here, download what you like, friend them on Facebook, buy their tunes, tshirts, posters, hell, buy them a beer or 3 at a show. You know what to do. Now go do it!

The first band is called The Fërtility Cült. They play some hard rocking doom music with some psychedelic and a  brass section. Very different and very cool. Well worth to check out even if doom isn’t typically your thing.

This is our Eschatology, for we are the Cült. On this we swear, to this we hold. The time approaches.

Next we have a band called Traitors Return to Earth. Their album Smoke Screen was recently released. Traitors Return to Earth play downtuned, sludgy, noise doom. DOOOOOOOM!

Now we have soem fine stoner rock in the form of a Feeble Old Man. Dirty and heavy with some swifty riffs.

Last and most certainly not least is  aband from Manchester, UK called Blastronaut. They are offering up their 4 track demo for free. It’s a hard rocking and heavy as fuck demo so make sure grandma is fast asleep, unless of course, grandma likes stoner rock.


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