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Review – Groan/Vinum Sabbatum – Split EP

As I’m sure you remember, last year saw Groan hit the community with force. The “highly unoriginal” band, hellbent on worshiping Sabbath in sound, conquered fast and hard. The album garnered a lot of praise and for good reason. Well, that was last year, and now they’re back along with some friends, Vinum Sabbatum, for a split EP. Out, of course, on the growing Doomanoid Records.

As expected, Groan sticks with their classic doom sound but picking up the tempo and depth. Still, the boys are well within their wheel-house with their familiar and fuzzy sound. Though, you may find yourself noticing a difference in Mazz’s vocals. From the sounds of it, the boys had a little too much fun the day before recording, and the band opted to not record the vocals on a computer this time around. The songs are short, but they deliver.

The second band is fairly new to me, but as I’m sure from the band name, Vinum Sabbatum borrows some of their sound from the Book of Sabbath with their classic doom. The band also lists Deep Purple and Uriah Heep in their influences. The Finnish band then adds a little more 60s flavor with an organ and vocals fitting of the same era. The tempo is what you expect, but “Disillusioned Pilgrims” breaks the formula seen in the previous tracks. The track starts off with a Gregorian chant background leading into acoustic and vocals before launching into classic doom. This track, longest of the EP, clocks in at nearly 11 minutes and is a fitting end to this heavy, classic doom split.

As is my usual complaint about splits, it gives you only a taste of both bands that leaves you wanting more. Lucky for you, both bands have albums that you will want to invest in, as well. That is, after you pre-order your copy of this split EP from Doomanoid here. The EP officially releases on September 26th.

– Jake


One response

  1. Vinum Sabbatum is tits. Their Songs From The Convent EP is bloody great.

    August 25, 2011 at 9:13 pm

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