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Bandcamp Recommendations 8/25/2011

Hi ho, lets go. Bandcamp Recommendations. As I write this I’m not exactly in the best mood so some of my descriptions may be a bit vague. I apologize but my mind isn’t with it at the moment. Not to take away from any of the fine and deserving bands. They deserve your full attention. So, here we go.

How about Bloody Lovely Audrey and their Animal EP? Some fine female fronted stoner rock. Great guitar riffsw and instruments make for an entertaining EP.

The Ivory Splinters are a shoegaze band from Washington D.C. The Bellowsis the album. The album actually walks the line between shoegaze and indie rock. Well worth checking out.

Swamp of Sounds’ is the debut album by spanish stoner-rock band Chivo. Recorded at Bluetone studios of Tuleda by Roberto Palacios the album includes the stoner and rock influences that the group has acquired over the years. ‘Swamp of Sounds’ is a powerful album, based on the freshness of the first shots and drinking directly from bands like Kyuss, Hermano, Unida, Soundgarden or Alice in Chains.

Under The Gun offer up some great hard rock from Leeds with their album Under The Gun. Get it!


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