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Review – The Beast of England – Postcards From The Great Satan Side A

I came across this little gem while searching around on Bandcamp. The band is The Beast of England.

“The Beast of England is a sort of solo project for Lance Eason, vocalist for San Francisco’s  Flash Bastard. Of course, the term “solo project” can be misleading. The band is more of an opportunity for Lance to work with a lot of his favorite musicians as well as a home for songs that he wasn’t using  anywhere else. Oh, and a chance to play guitar. The result of the group’s first recording sessions is the 2009 EP, “Postcards From the Great Satan, Side A”. The idea moving forward is to build a foundation for more recording and live shows featuring a revolving cast of musicians and an emphasis on doing whatever kind of music feels right at any given time.”

Postcards From The Great Satan Side A has a nice early Black Crowes feel to it. It has their style of southern rock. Lots of great guitar work and the music fits in well with a nice southern boogie to it. There’s some nicely placed solos to. They’re not over bearing or out of place either. The EP flows from the first track “Dark Days Behind” all the way through “Done My Time.”

For a 25 minute EP you can’t go wrong. It’s entertaining, well produced and worthy of multiple plays. You can stream the whole thing and buy digitally from Bandcamp (see below) and buy your physical CD from CD Baby. It’s also part of the $5 deal if you so wish to order more from CD Baby.


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