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Baby Woodrose – Love Comes Down To Be Reissued

On October 23rd, 2011 Bad Afro Records will re-issue the Baby Woodrose album Love Comes Down. For many people this can be considered the “lost” Baby Woodrose album. It was originally released in 2006 and followed the successful Money For Soul Album.

At the tme Love Comes Down was only released in Scandinavia and not many people outside here ever got the chance to hear it. Which is a shame as it contains a great mix of pretty straight forward garage rockers like “Born to Lose” and “Kitty Galore” surrounded by beautiful moodier songs like “No Other Girl” and “All Over Now”. Not forgetting the epic title track that somehow predicts the more spacier material on the later Baby Woodrose albums. The vinyl version of Love Comes Down was only released in 500 copies which makes it the most rare Baby Woodrose LP to date.

But that will change now when Bad Afro will release it again – this time with extra material included with the LP. The 1st pressing of 500 copies on black vinyl will include a free 7″ single on 33 1/3 rpm with two exclusive songs recorded at the same sessions as Love Comes Down. We are talking two hard stoner rock songs called “Cherry Bomb” and “The Keeper” that together clocks in at more than 12 minutes. Guest appearances by Eduardo Martinez (The Flaming Sideburns) and Yebo (The Tremolo Beer Gut).

Love Comes Down featured the original Baby Woodrose line-up: Lorenzo Woodrose on guitars/vocals, Fuzzy Daddy on drums and The Moody Guru on bass (the two last mentioned also play with Lorenzo in Dragonteears and Spids Nøgenhat).

Baby Woodrose will record a new studio album during the summer due to be released in spring 2012.

Bad Afro


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