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Bandcamp Recommendations 9/1/2011

Welcome to another edition of our Weekly Bandcamp Recommendations. Free music is what it’s all about and this week is no different. We’ve got some blues, stoner, hard rock and an international flavor. Check them out. Support these bands and every other band as much as possible. Buy their wares and stop by their social network stomping grounds and say hi or tell them what kick as music they have. If you see them at a show, buy them a beer, after all, they deserve it.

Interstelar have just released their debut EP called On Black Waves. It mixes a bit of hard rock, stoner, some fuzz and some shoegaze.

Recently we featured a band called Holy Mount. As soon as I posted their free 7″ release, the band released a new demo called  We Fell From The Sky. It packs some great riffs along with some great stoner and psychedelic rock.

Bluesdrivers hail from Holland. They play old fashioned blues rock. It’s in the same vain as Stevie Ray Vaughn in style but not as technical in the guitar. Still, it’s a great little album and packs a good punch.

Mal De Testa are from Chili. They play heavy rock and roll. All lyrics are in Spanish but if you can get around the language barrier, what you have is a fine album. Even if you’re not for the lyrics, just listen to the instruments.


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