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“…seems like a great starting block for this quartet… it’s a vital stew of powerful, impassioned sounds.”RECORD COLLECTOR

SPIDERS from Sweden released debut record on 10-inch vinyl in January, 2011. A release that pretty much sold out immediately. Here’s a re-press of that killer record – same music, new look!

Record Sleeve

SPIDERS was formed in Gothenburg in February 2010 by Ann-Sofie Hoyles (Madamm), John Hoyles (Witchcraft), Matteo Gambacorta (Midwest) and Axel Sjöberg (Graveyard).

A few months later the band appeared at one of Sweden’s most successful music festivals, Way Out West. It was around this time SPIDERS for the first time as a band stepped into the studio with producer Don Ahlsterberg (The Soundtrack of Our Lives, International Noise Conspiracy) and started recording.

By the end of January 2011 SPIDERS released their debut record, a 10″ vinyl EP on Crusher Records containing four tracks. The self-titled release was very well received and noticed in Record Collector as well airplayed on Sweden’s largest radio channel P3. In March 2011 those four previously released tracks came to be released in the USA as two separate 7″ singles, one on Kemado Records the other on Valley King Records, the latter with an artwork made by the well-known Alan Forbes.

Around this time drummer Axel Sjöberg left SPIDERS to work full time on Graveyard and came to be replaced by Ricard Harryson (Fox Machine, The Maharajas). In May SPIDERS stepped into the studio for the second time recording a two track single for De:Nihil Records, released on August 26th, 2011.

The track listing is as follows:

1.) High Society, 2.) Gracious Man, 3.) Long Gone, 4.) Nothing Like You

SPIDERS features Ann-Sofie Hoyles (Vocals), John Hoyles (Guitar), Matteo Gambacorta (Bass) and Ricard Harryson (Drums).


Get the vinyl here:
Get the digital here:

Check out SPIDERS new music video, taken from their new single Fraction (De:Nihil Records).


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  1. Great band…..fantastic sound !!!


    September 2, 2011 at 2:42 pm

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