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Interview With Bruno Fevery

Metal Underground has posted an interesting article/interview with Bruno Fevery of Kyuss Lives! In it the guitarist Discusses the Return of Kyuss, Replacing Josh Homme and New Material. Here are a few exerts.

Kyuss’s sound contained so many features that unsurprisingly caught the ears of so many musicians of the early ‘90s, but one of the greatest attributes remains guitarist Josh Homme’s eclectic style. From his coarse tones to his eccentric use of pedals, Homme’s playing is unmistakable. These guitar tones relay a granular texture that seemed chipped off of one of Joshua Tree’s magnificent rock formations, which may explain the desert rock modifier often bestowed upon the band. Homme’s trademark sound remains true in the band he joined after leaving Kyuss, Queens of the Stone Age, although more accessible to the radio crowd.

Replacing Homme is a lofty task for Fevery. Homme joined Garcia as the only member to remain in the band through Kyuss’s brief existence, as well as the first three years when the band called itself Sons of Kyuss and Katzenjammer. Homme’s reluctance to rejoin has proved the biggest hurdle for a Kyuss reformation.

Currently living in a hotel in southern California while abiding his time before touring North America, Fevery got a taste of American audiences when the group performed on Fuel TV’s “The Daily Habit.” Unfortunately, this new experience could have been better. “It was ok. It turns out there was this weird problem with things being in-synch. The images were not in-synch with the audio. I’m a little disappointed. I watched it last night at Brant’s house, and we were like, “What is this? It’s very weird.”

You can read the entire article over at Metal Underground


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