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Review – 1000mods – Super Van Vacation

1000mods are back and this time with an album full of new material. The band’s last release was a 7″ called Liquid Sleep. While Liquid Sleep was great, it lacked length from an EP or a full length. Well the band has fixed that with their first full length, an hour long masterpiece called Super Van Vacation.

I was stoked when I came across the email about this. Super Van Vacation is an hour of heavy and hard hitting stoner rock. In the past they’ve been compared to greats such as Kyuss and Karma To Burn and The Truckfighters. Well that holds true once again and 1000mods are again proving they’re ready and willing to run with the ball. The album opens with the song “Road To Burn” (listen below) which is a down tuned mother of a track. “7 Flies” picks up the pace with a head bobbing number. “El Rollito” features a little less bass and more guitar. It’s also one of  the shortest tracks at 3:53 along with the next track, “Set You Free.” “Vidage” is next. It starts out with a lot of mellow drum the in comes the bass followed by the guitars then eventually the lyrics. It reminds me of a Truckfighters song. It’s for the most part a mellow song to start but as it progresses, it picks up the pace and gets a bit heavier. It’s my favorite track on the album. “Navy In Alice” is next. It’s a fast paced heavy number designed to be one to start up a mosh pit at a show. “Track Me” is another massive 8+ minute track. It’s starts mellow then gets massive then mellows out a bit towards the end. “Johnys” is one of the shorter close to 5 minute gems. Heavy and fuzzy, just how it should be done. “Abell” is next. It’s more guitar and vocal driven than other tracks but still kicks a lot of punch. I’d have to say it’s my second favorite track on the album. The album comes to a close with the album titled track, “Super Van Vacation.” It starts off fast and heavy but as it progresses, it mellows out a bit, the psychedelics kicks in and just like that, it’s over. The final 4 minutes or so are an intense instrumental jam that’ll make you piss your pants in enjoyment and want to listen again. Awesome!

There’s a lot of instrumentals throughout, sort of what Kyuss was known for doing. Each song seems to be an extension of the last one in a way but not to where the songs bleed into each other. Each song is different and has it’s own identity. Eight of the ten songs are at 5+ minutes long and the other 2 are just under the 4 minute mark. At an hour long, Super Van Vacation is longer than your average LP by about 20 minutes. That 20 minutes is hardly noticeable once you get into the music, the album really draws you in.

The album will be out at the end of the month. Preorder yours at Kozmic-Artifactz.

Listen to the lead track “Road To Burn” below.

The band’s upcoming tour schedule:

29.09 Thu – Greece, Athens @ AN Club Release Party
01.10 Sat – Bulgaria, Sofia @ The Box w/ Center
02.10 Sun – Romania, Craiova @ Wave ’84
03.10 Mon – Romania, Bucharest @ Underworld Club w/ The Shaking Sensations
04.10 Tue – Romania, Cluj-Napoca @ La Gazzette w/ The Shaking Sensations
05.10 Wed – Hungary, Budapest @ BLOG w/ The Shaking Sensations & Twin Cobra
06.10 Tue – Croatia, Zagreb @ KSET
07.10 Fri – Austria, Hallein @ Freysitzbar
08.10 Sat – Austria, Wien @ Escape w/Pombagira & Cojones
09.10 Sun – *Available*
10.10 Mon – Slovenia TBC
11.10 Tue – Poland TBC
12.10 Wed – Poland TBC
13.10 Thu – *Available*
14.10 Fri – Germany,Potsdam @ Archiv w/ Bad luck rides on weels & Stonehenge
15.10 Sat – Germany, Darmstadt @ 603qm w/ White Hills & Wight
16.10 Sun – *Available*
17.10 Mon – Germany, TBC
18.10 Tue – *Available*
19.10 Wed – Germany, Chemnitz @ Subway to Peter
20.10 Thu – Belgium, SintNiklaas @ Rots w/Hootka
21.10 Fri – Belgium, Antwerp @ Rots
22.10 Sat – Belgium, Louviere @ La Taverne
23.10 Sun – Netherlands, Eidhoven @ The Jack w/Bandito
24.10 Mon – France, Reims @ L’Excalibur
25.10 Tue – Netherlands, Utrecht @ ACU
26.10 Wed – Netherlands, DAY OFF
27.10 Thu – Netherlands, Leeuwarden @ Mukkes
28.10 Fri – Germany, Siegen @ Vortex in Up in Smoke III
29.10 Sat – Germany, Heidelberg @ Kosmodrom in Up in Smoke III
30.10 Sun – *Available*
31.10 Mon – *Available*
01.11 Tue – Italy, Rome @ Sinister Noise


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