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Bandcamp Recommendation 9/8/2011

It’s that time again. Time for your favorite article of the week, well mine at least. Lots of good free stuff for you to get and enjoy. Support the bands when and where you can, it helps them bring you more quality music or just gets them drunk. Either way, support them if you like them.

The first offer for the day is a band called Bad Monday. They offer up a 2 track EP. Their sound is hard rock, maybe a little (not much) grunge, classic and stoner rock. They also have a full length available for purchase.


A Finnish band that explores the many dimensions of the rock and roll universe. Pure 20 minute jam out that was recorded in their practice space in the span of three days that were filled with hungover regrets, hope and happiness. Four guys just doing their shit.

Grab their 20 minute jam track which mixes stoner, hard rock and a little doom.

Sonic Boom Boogie by the Stratosonics is a work in progress, an evolving demo if you will. Filled with some nice down and dirty blues rock in the same vain as The Dead Exs.

Attention all you greasers, hopheads and squares! Stratosonics are here to jet propel you into the future with some down and dirty rock and roll! So quit your gawping and buckle in for some high speed, all attitude and no talent psychobilly vibes.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a work in progress – the full album will be available to download from in the near future.

The Hag is the band, Gasoline Arms is the album. Stoner metal with sludgy overtones is the style. Get it!

New York City doom metal titans AGNOSIS have reunited and are preparing to release their first new music since 2005. Agnosis features original members Austin Lunn and Andrew Jude (of pysch doom cult Archon) alongside the new addition of drummer A. Lundr, founder of Seidr and the cult American black metal band Panopticon.

Ending a 5+ year hiatus, Agnosis will release “A Painful Pattern” in October of 2011. The new EP features four cuts of downtempo sludge doom and is a fitting progression from their seminal 2005 EP, “Hecate”. Powerfully emotive but crushingly heavy, Agnosis’s sound captures the sonic density of more recent doom sludge bands without sacrificing the melodic sensibilities of traditional doom godfathers such as Pentagram, Black Sabbath, and Cathedral.


One response

  1. Bad Monday – I hit the link and went back to work. About 45secs later I noticed my feet were bouncing away merrily under the desk so I stopped to listen for bit. The second track is a little derivative but “Stars in the sun” is great

    Warchief – I can groove away to that all day long …. niiiiice.

    September 12, 2011 at 12:38 am

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