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Unfold : “Cosmogon” is coming… SOON !

“Cosmogon” is coming. After seven years of absence, the new album from Unfold will be on stores in the next days.
Following his unique path of tortured dementia, the band delivers an ultimate six tracks of epic intensity, a burst of pure sludgy hardcore combined with perfect melodies and walls of massive aggression.
This long-awaited album will come digipak CD version. A very limited shiny LP edition will also come later this year.
You can pre-order the album there… and get any of Unfold’s previous releases for free 
Unfold – Pure
Unfold / Seethings (Split)
Unfold / Shovel (Split)
Unfold – Five

Last but not least, a new song, entitled “Eschaton”, extracted from “Cosmogon” is now available right now for streaming. Please, share the propaganda and enjoy the tune.
For fans of… Unfold.
Artwork Cosmogon

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