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Review – Threefold Law – Revenant

First a little back story on the album:

Revenant: From 18th century French, “to return” as a spirit after death.

A man traveling alone through the desert in fourth century Persia realizes he may not reach the next kingdom alive. He sets up camp and eats the last of his rations. Before going to sleep, he smokes a pipe of hashish. Unsure whether he is asleep or awake, the man is visited by the spirit of a dead Sultan. The two engage in conversation as the man attempts to find out what lies beyond life.

Revenant is the soundtrack to a short story written by Threefold Law’s own James Thorn. While I have yet to read the story, I have listened to the album. It is good. It is very good. The albums 4 main track s are all named after the 4 elements, Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. There is a 5th track, “Interlude which is the 3rd track and is an instrumental which incorporates a lot of mid-eastern flavor.

“Earth” (which can be heard and downloaded below) starts off with a lot of technical guitar work, gets heavy and somewhat doomy then gets technical again. “Air” is a bit more guitar driven and mellower lyrically. It has more of a 70’s hard rock vs a heavy metal sound. It flows right into the “Interlude.” “Fire,” which returns to the more doomier sound from “Earth” and even gets heavier as the song progresses. “Water” begins as an ambient track. Once the guitar kicks in the tone goes up and down. It’s an epic song to bring the album to it’s conclusion. The ending riffs are quite familiar as they are from “Earth” bringing the whole story to it’s end.

Call Threefold whatever you want, they take chances and try different things and it’s working for them. One thing for sure, you can’t say that the band rehashes the same material like some mainstream bands do. Threefold Law innovate. Revenant is proof of that. The idea and story is fresh. The band’s execution, spotless. There’s plenty of really great guitar riffs, heavy and not. Listen to “Earth” below to hear for yourself. Copies can be bought from the band (link below) or through the new Soda Shop Store.


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