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The Soda Shop Podcast Is Tonight

Remember to tune in tonight to Grip of Delusion Radio for The Soda Shop’s first Podcast. The Podcast is all Small Stone Records artists to celebrate the showcase in Chicago (which you ARE coming to, RIGHT?). The time is 3-5pm EST. The place is Grip of Delusion Radio.

The setlist is as follows:

01. Tia Carrera – “A Wolf In Wolf’s Clothing” from Cosmic Priestess (2011)
02. Five Horse Johnson – “She Don’t Know” from Fat Black Pussycat (1999)
03. Giden Smith & The Dixie Damned – “Bleed Black” from 30 Weight (2011)
04. Brain Police – “Thunderbird” from Beyond Wasteland (2006)
05. Sasquatch – “Gotta Get Out Of Here” from III (2010)
06. Honkey – “Walking on Moonshine” From Balls Out Inn (2005)
07. Lo-Pan – “Bleeding Out” from Salvador (2011)
08. Dozer – “Empire’s End” from Beyond Colossal (2009)
09. Gozu – “Mr. Riddle” from Locust Season (2010)
10. Iota – “Opium Blues” from Tales (2008)
11. Throttle Rod – “Hum” from Pig Charmer (2009)
12. Suplecs – “Tried To Build An Engine” from Mad Oak Redux (2011)
13. Roadsaw – “The Thrill Is Waiting” from Roadsaw (2011)
14. Backwoods Payback – “Mr. Snowflake” from Momantha (2011)
15. Ironweed – “Enduring Snakes” from Your World of Tomorrow
16. Freedom Hawk – “Magic Lady” from Holding On (2011)
17. The Brought Low – “Blow Out Your Candles” from The Third Record (2010)
18. Obiat – “Delights” from Eyes Tree Pi (2009)
19. Dixie Witch – “Let it Roll” from Let it Roll (2011)
20. Puny Human – “Wake Up Williamsburg” from Universal Freak Out (2009)
21. Skånska Mord – “The Last Supper” from The Last Supper (2010)
22. Infernal Overdrive – “I95” from Last Days of the Dying Sun (2012)
23. The Glasspack – “Fire In The Trailor Park” from Dirty Women (2007)
24. Greenleaf – “Sleep Paralysis” from Agents of Ahriman (2007)

Tune in next week when we fight the cold weather and celebrate the warmth of the desert.


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