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Review – Mad Anthony/The Yellow Belts Split 7″

Only 85 miles of I-75 asphalt separates Mad Anthony (Cincinnati, OH) and The Yellow Belts (Lexington, KY). So, it came as no surprise when the two bands joined forces in March of 2011 to create the 7-inch vinyl destined to save rock n’ roll.

Mad Anthony has spent most of the last year touring and playing music festivals at home and abroad promoting their latest release …I Spent All of My Money on Speed Metal while The Yellow Belts continue domination of their hometown Lexington, KY rising to the level of legends among their peers and fellow musicians. When the two inevitably crossed paths last spring, it was like two tomatoes touching down to produce one megastorm of rock n’ roll.

Engineer Mike Montgomery at Candyland Studios in Cincinnati, OH was the only man capable of harnessing the raw power and energy of both armies. Recorded in only two days, the 7-inch is a tribute to both bands’ work ethic and attitude.

The record is Mad Anthony’s first release with new drummer Marc Sherlock (after Tony Bryant’s passing) and The Yellow Belts first release since 2005.

Now, with all that said from the press release I’m going to keep my review nice and short. Both bands are fairly new to me. Mad Anthony was recently featured in a Bandcamp Recommendation article and this is my first exposure to The Yellow Belts. Neither track is a disappointment. Mad Anthony’s track, “Bear Attack” is a deep, heavy, catchy and bass filled number. The Yellow Belts song, “War on Science,” is a much faster almost punk like track. The vocals aren’t as deep. The guitars are mesmerizing and the drums are fast and furious. Both tracks are very catchy.

This is the reason why I like independent hard/stoner rock. Mad Anthony and The Yellow Belts are bands that are so good, they are living proof that real rock and roll isn’t dead. This 7″ is a great one because the bands are so different, similar, and so very alike all at the same time. It’s like yin and yang, meant to go together, hand in hand.

Both tracks can be listened to below and even downloaded from the bands for a “Name your price.” If you want the real deal, you can buy the 7″ from them HERE or catch them at a show. If you buy only 1 piece of vinyl this year, this split is the one to get.


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