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CLUTCH Frontman Interviewed On FORBIDDEN Guitarist’s ‘Omega Wave’ Podcast

via Blabbermouth

The latest installment of FORBIDDEN guitarist Craig Locicero‘s “Omega Wave” podcast featured an interview with vocalist Neil Fallon of Maryland rockers CLUTCH. The conversation featured the topics of space travel, “Star Trek”, paranoia, 9/11, Alex Jones, Wall Street, family, Fallon‘s lyrics and music and other random awesomeness.

Listen to the podcast at this location.

Craig Locicero and his co-host “Barbwire” Bill Shields (former host for “In The Dark Radio”, professional wrestler and current ordained minister of the collective conscious), take questions and speak off-the-cuff on whatever news-related and controversial subject may come up.

The goals of the show are two-fold:

1) To speak to different compelling and controversial lyricists in metal and hard rock weekly. They will be asked about their motivation, their craft, and what exactly inspires them in these challenging times to do what they do. Their thoughts and opinions on the most current affairs and intensely debated issues will also be discussed.

2) Have listeners sit in on a real conversation between good friends without censorship watering those thoughts down. Hosts Bill and Craig will be taking questions and topic suggestions live and will have unfiltered reactions to them in real time. These conversations will not hold back and could get very heated at times, depending on the topic.

Previous podcasts and guests have included: Jon Schaffer (ICED EARTH, SONS OF LIBERTY), Henrik Ohlsson (SCAR SYMMETRY) and Mitch Harris (NAPALM DEATH). All of them had much different points of view but all generally want the same thing: a better world for our children’s children to live in.


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