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Review – The Yellow Belts – The Yellow Belts

Recently I reviewed a split between The Yellow Belts and Mad Anthony. In that review I stated:

This is the reason why I like independent hard/stoner rock. Mad Anthony and The Yellow Belts are bands that are so good, they are living proof that real rock and roll isn’t dead.

Well the band recently sent me their 2005 self titled EP and the saying is still true. While the track from the split is a more refined and mature sound, the EP is a great sounding one and paves the way to where this band is seemed to be headed.

Punk influences are obvious. The sound is fast and heavy rock and punk without all the angst. The EP reminds me of a few other bands from the area including The Trophy Wives and early Glasspack albums. It sounds like “Dirty Dave” may have been an influence.

The EP is 22 minutes of angst-less, heavy punk. The sound is sweet and clear. It’s not real gritty but that’s not needed in every album.

Between this and the split, I’m anxious to see where the band goes from here. New material hopefully is on the way. Nab your own copy now and listen to “Time Killers” below.


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