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Review – The Blind Pets – Sweet Tooth

If The Bloody Hollies and Fu Manchu got together and made a sweet baby love child it would sound like The Blind Pets. Their latest and third release, Sweet Tooth, is a mix of the sound of those two bands. It’s fast rock, punk and grunge rolled up into a speedball and passed around. They vocals are very Fu Manchu-ish sounding. The guitars are warm and fuzzy. The drumming is some of the best you’ll hear. The albums starts with “Sweet Tooth” and right away grabs you attention. From there it holds it and doesn’t let go until the final track “Tuesday Morning.” The tempo for the most part is fast paced but in the case of “Danielsohn,” is a bit mellower. “The Who” is one of those songs that gets stuck in your head for a long time. It’s one of those songs that you don’t mind though.

The album is short at 30 minutes but packs a nice big punch that will make you shake your head and beg for more. To quote Kevin Bacon in Animal House, “Thank you sir may I have another.” Fans of the previously mentioned bands as well as Monotonix and fans of good old fashioned, well written and played rock and roll, this is one to check out.

Listen to “Marshall Law” below. You can hear the band’s entire discography at their website (link below).


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